Terms & Conditions

Kindly read the terms and conditions mentioned below to use the Moveme services. You must agree with our terms and conditions to use the Moveme service through any platform from our website to apply.

1. Your use of the Moveme Platform is an agreement to this Agreement. Moveme can terminate this Agreement without notice. Moveme can also stop offering or deny you access to the Moveme Platform.

Moveme may amend this Agreement and its Terms & Conditions from time to time. These amendments will take effect upon posting the updated Agreement at the location above or any other locations Moveme maintains and updates. Following such updates, continued access to the Moveme platform will constitute your Agreement to be bound.

2. The Moveme Platform, a digital network provider, allows users to schedule and arrange a car rental for a specified/agreed period. The Third Party Providers that the Users use to book cars and the drivers are registered with Moveme, but they are separate entities. MOVEME SERVICES DO NOT ESTABLISH MOVEME LOGISTICS, DELIVERY SERVICES, OR TRANSPORTATION PROVIDERS.

The liability Limitations

Moveme, its affiliates, and its partners will not be held responsible for any indirect, incidental, special, or punitive damages. This includes personal injury, property damage, and lost profits resulting from the Moveme platform and services. Moveme, its affiliates, and its partners will not be responsible for any damages or liability arising from (a) Your use of or dependence on the Moveme platforms or services or your inability or refusal to access the Moveme platforms or services; (b) Any transaction or relationship between Drivers or third-party providers, even if Moveme, its affiliates, or its partners were advised of the possibility. Moveme, its affiliates, and partners will not be held responsible for any delay or failure to perform resulting from circumstances beyond our control.